Inlang is setup as monorepo with NPM workspaces and turborepo.

Furthermore, the repository makes use of Dev Containers ensuring that everyone works in the same environment. If you don't use dev containers, we won't be able to support dev related setup problems.

Getting started

0.1. Install Docker 0.2. Install the VSCode DevContainers Extension

  1. Open the repository in VSCode.
  2. Open the repository in a dev container via CMD + Shift + P and search for Open in container. Make sure to allocate enough memory in your Docker setup (>4GB).
  3. npm install to install dependencies
  4. npm run dev to run the development environment.
  5. npm run test to run the tests.
  6. npm run build to compile a production build.

For Windows users

There is a problem with Hot Module Reloading (HMR) within the Windows file system. To fix this problem, you can use the Linux subsystem:

  1. Start the dev container first
  2. Navigate to the Linux subsystem with cd $HOME & cd /mnt.
  3. Clone the inlang repo into the Linux subsystem
  4. Navigate to the inlang repo
  5. Run npm install & npm run dev

Note: Make sure that the user has the right to edit files. For Docker Desktop, the user should be node.


  1. Run npm run dev.
  2. Several debug launch configs can be found in the VSCode sidemenu.