Getting started

One single config file named inlang.config.js needs to be created at the root of the repository.

If you don't use JSON in your project, check out all the other plugins we support.

Step-by-step for JSON files

  1. Create a new file named inlang.config.js in the root of your git repository. Example:

    inlang config example
  2. Copie/paste the code below in the config and change the pathPattern into your directory structure.

  3. Commit the config and open your project in the inlang editor

Adding typesafety to the config


Your codebase must use, or be able to use, moduleResolution: "node16". Read #298 for more information.

If inlang is used in a JavaScript environment like Node or Deno, typesafety can be achieved by installing @inlang/core and using JSDoc in JavaScript.

  1. Install @inlang/core as dev dependency.
  1. Add the following JSDoc comment above the defineConfig function.

  2. Add checkJs: true and moduleResolution: node16 to your tsconfig.json.