Plugins allow the customization of inlang's behavior by, for example, defining how resources should be parsed and serialized.

Plugins are one of the core pillers of the infrastructure design principle of inlang: Use external plugins to adapt inlang to your React, Svelte, Vue, iOS, Android, Flutter, etc. codebase(s).

Finding plugins

The awesome inlang repository contains a list of available (and awesome) plugins for inlang.

Using plugins

Plugins can be imported via the $import environment function in the inlang config.

The next steps depent on the plugin. Read the README of the plugin you want to use. For example, samuelstroschein/inlang-plugin-json is configured as follows:

Writing plugins

Read on how to write plugins in the plugin template repository.

visualisation of the inlang AST/object
Visualisation of the inlang AST/object