You can configure the SDK behavior to your needs with the inlang.config.js file. This file is located in the root of your project. Just add the sdkPlugin and configure it to your project's needs.

Configuration options

There are limited configuration options for now. We will add more options in the coming weeks.


The languageNegotiation property makes it possible to customize the behavior how you application detects the language of the user.


You can choose between different strategies to detect the language of the user. You can specify multiple strategies. The first strategy that returns a language will be used.


Detects if the language key is set in the localStorage and uses it as the language for the application.


Detects the language by looking at the first segment of the url e.g. /en/about


The resources property defines how to deal with resources read with the resolved inlang.config.js.


Defines how to cache resources.

Right now we only support static Resources. Please open an Issue if you need to regularly fetch Resources.

build-time (default)

Loads all Resources during build time and adds them to the bundle.

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