inlang is not Framework specific. It can be used with any framework. To translate with the editor or use the VS Code extension only the inlang.config.js file is needed.

However, we want to provide SDKs for some of the most popular frameworks. These SDKs are designed and fully integrated for the specific framework. It provides a lot of features that make it easy to use inlang with your framework of choice.

What benefits does the SDK provide?

  • easy setup in a few simple step
  • fully configurable depending on your projects needs
  • fully integrated with your Framework (compiler-based to avoid a heavy runtime)
  • automatic language specific routing (e.g. /en/site, /de/site)
  • faster page loads (resource splitting per route) [coming soon]
  • typesafety (due to compiler) [coming soon]
  • better SEO (localized head tags and sitemaps) [coming soon]
  • automatic setup for inlang editor and VS Code extension


inlang's SDK works the same in each environment it runs. Take a look at the Usage section to learn how to use inlang in your project.

Inlang also provides custom solutions that are built specifically for certain Frameworks.

Supported Frameworks

Your favorite frameworks is missing?

Reach out to us and we develop an SDK for your favorite framework.