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SDK for SvelteKit

inlang provides an SDK that integrates seamlessly with SvelteKit.

Getting Started

  1. Add @inlang/sdk-js dependency to your project

  2. Add the inlang plugin to the plugins section of vite.config.js

    Note: the inlang plugin must be added before the sveltekit plugin

That's it. You have now completed the setup and can output Messages everywhere in your SvelteKit project.


Wherever you want to output a message, you can use the inlang-function.

Take a look at the Usage to learn more about how to use inlang in your project.


You can configure the inlang SDK depending on your needs. You can learn more in the Configuration section.

Further reading

The sdk is using the json-plugin as a default interface to parse the language strings. To use this code, you need to have language resources in JSON format in a languages folder in the root of your project. Each file should have the language ID as the file name. If that doesn't match your requirements check out the other plugins.

A valid JSON file would look like this.

Is something unclear or do you have questions? Reach out to us in our Discord channel or open a Discussion or an Issue on Github.