#Refactoring Inlang

architecture inlang new


  • New capabilities for the ecosystem by changing the config format from JS to JSON.
    • Apps can now perform CRUD operations to add modules, change language tags, and more.
  • The new concept of a “Project”.
    • Everything inlang related like messages, lints, installed plugins, etc. is now bundled in a project.
    • Foundation to support multiple projects like iOS and Android apps in one repository in the future.
  • Building inlang apps got substantially easier with a new inlang SDK.
    • loadProject is the new entry point that bundles query, linting, module resolution, and more in one function.
    • Reactive by default, which auto updates your apps.
  • New message format with variants that enable any advanced use case.
    • Pluralization
    • Gender
    • A/B testing
    • And more
  • Developing message lint rules and plugins became simpler.
    • A default export is all you need.
    • You can use the CLI to build plugins and lint rules. No more custom esbuild config.


  • Realtime linting and message update
  • Autosaving for faster workflows

#Visual Studio Code extension (Sherlock)

  • Faster startup time & Realtime linting and message update
  • Auto migration of inlang.config.js to project.inlang.json
  • Better error handling


inlang marketplace

  • Find apps, libraries and modules for your project
  • Have the opportunity to distribute your own inlang-based product
  • Install modules directly from the store


  • Performance improvements
  • New command “project migrate” to easily migrate your config file to json.
  • New command “module init” & “module build” to simplify module development

#Lix (former Project Lisa)

  • We finally gave our library for data fetching and versioning “Project Lisa” a real name: lix
  • Lix will be git-compatible but light weight and support lazy operations. It will be the foundation for inlang apps
  • With lix, our vision is to build a revamped version control system that is built for the web and with UX & DX in mind. This will bring a lot of improvements & benefits to our ecosystem and we can’t wait to show more

#Paraglide JS (former SDK-JS)

  • Ivan Hofer passed away, the project lead of the sdk-js
  • The sdk-js will be renamed to paraglide js, a major hobby of Ivan Hofer
  • We decided to refrain from a refactor of the sdk-js due to
    1. double migration risk
    2. the refactor might break existing apps
  • The team invested multiple days into getting the sdk-js running with the new architecture. However, we are not confident that we are not going to break existing apps
  • As long as you keep your inlang.config.js, the sdk-js should work as expected.
  • We are working with “hochdruck” (high pressure) on providing a stable paraglide js library
  • Dominik Göpel continues working on built-in capabilities for SvelteKit i18n routing
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