#What is inlang?

inlang is globalization infrastructure that powers an ecosystem of inlang apps, plugins and solutions that make globalization simple.

Go global mockups

#Ecosystem Approach

Project directory

For every use case, there is an app, a plugin, a lint rule, or a custom solution that can be built. Once you have set up your inlang project, you can use all of them without any additional effort.

#Using repositories as a backend

inlang apps are built on lix. Lix is a git-compatible version control backend for your software projects. Using lix provides inlang with CI/CD for globalization and collaboration between developers, translators, and designers on one common source of truth: Your repository and your data.

change control with lix

What you get with this approach:

  • Quality management - Define Lint Rules for your project to ship quality cross-app.
  • Automations - With lix change control you can use CI/CD to check lint, machine translate, validate and more. (Continuous Localization)
  • Review - PR workflows can be used to gain control over the merged content.

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