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v2.0 is released with new Editor UI and Review System 🎉

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i18n-ally on VS code demo

#Inline Annotations

#Hover and Direct Actions

#Manage All Translations in One Place

#Editor UI & Review System

#Extract Translations from Code

#Report Missing Translations

#Machine Translation

#Annotations for JSON and YAML

#General Features

  • Supports multi-root workspaces
  • Supports remote development
  • Supports numerous popular frameworks
  • Supports linked locale messages
  • Uses i18n for the extension itself, of course. Translation List

#🌍 Multilingual Support

This extension itself supports i18n as well. It will be auto-matched to the display language you use in your VS Code editor. We currently support the following languages.

English@antfu@rubjo, @EdRands
Simplified Chinese (简体中文)@antfu
Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)@antfu
Norwegian (Norsk)@rubjo
Spanish (Español)@Baltimer
Japanese (日本語)@isdh
Dutch (Nederlands)@Niekvdm, @Excalibaard
Portuguese (Brazilian)@Ibcs16
French (Français)@eri, @Frank
Swedish (Svenska)@vladdeSV
Ukrainian (Українська)@uhodav
Russian (Русский)@uhodav
German (Deutsch)@alexanderniebuhr
Thai (ภาษาไทย)@watchakorn-18k
Turkish (Türkçe)@eri, @dilekerkut
Korean (한국어)@moka-ayumu
Hungarian (Magyar)@Cs4K1Sr4C@Cs4K1Sr4C

Help Translate

👨‍💻 If you would like to help a language's translation up to date, feel free to put your name in the Maintainers field. I will @mention you when needed. Much appreciated.

#❤️ Thanks

This extension was inspired by think2011/vscode-vue-i18n, it wouldn't exist without @think2011's great work.

Support for Vue Single File Component (SFC) is powered by kazupon/vue-i18n-locale-message, which is created by the author of vue-i18n. Thanks for making this!

#Code Contributors

My great thanks to all the awesome contributors:

#📄 License

MIT License © 2021-PRESENT Lokalise

MIT License © 2019-2020 Anthony Fu

MIT License © 2018-2019 think2011