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GlobeLens – i18n SEO Analysis


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#Navigating SEO Success Worldwide

Hey, did you know that having a killer 🌎 global strategy can really help boost your business? It's true! But sometimes we forget that 🚫 not everyone searches in English, especially those who aren't in the developer world. So, let's make sure we don't forget about them and find ways to distribute in their preferred languages.

#How can this tool be used?

#What's so cool about this tool?

  • We translate your keyword into different languages to give you a feel for what your customers are seeing
  • You can check out all the insights in one place, easy peasy!
  • It's super simple to use, no need to be a tech genius.

#Why you should use it?

  • It'll help you spot any weak spots in your global strategy
  • You'll find out which markets are tough to break into
  • You can discover new market opportunities in just a few minutes!

#Evaluation phase

This tool is in an evaluation phase. If you have any feedback or interest, please let us know.


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