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Parrot – i18n Figma plugin


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Parrot simplifies the translation management process right within Figma. If you deal with multilingual design projects and want to streamline your translation workflow, this plugin is for you!

#Key Features:

#Design in Different Languages

Create and manage multiple language versions of your designs within your Figma file. Say goodbye to swiching interfaces for text and translation managment - all right within figma.

#Localized Messages Made Easy

With Parrot, managing localized Messages has never been more convenient. Assign unique names to messages used in your design or link to existing ones - thats it.

#Import / Export

Import: from i18Next, Android and iOS: Seamlessly import existing messages from Android and iOS projects or i18Next JSON format to jumpstart your localization efforts.

Export:: with Ease: Effortlessly export your translated content to Android and iOS projects for a smooth handoff to developers. i18Next and CLI support is also coming soon!

#Getting started

#1. Run Parrot in Figma

To get started, you need to install the Parrot plugin in Figma. You can find it in the Figma Community or by searching for it in the Figma Plugin Store.

#2. Pick your reference language and the target languages

Once you have started the plugin, you can select your reference language and the target languages. The reference language is the language you are designing in. The target languages are the languages you want to translate your design into.

#3. Select any frame in your design.

Choose a target Language and see your design get translated automatically for you.

#4. Iterate on your design

Iterate on your design until it looks good and various languages - create reusable messages from your drafts.

#5. Manage your messages

Use Parrot’s intuitive interface to manage those messages and update content directly within Figma.

#6. Export your messages

Hand over your messages to developers using export

#Why should you use Parrot?

Save time and effort with in-app translation management.

Collaborate seamlessly with your team on multilingual projects.

Empower developers with translation-ready designs without the need for manual translation key handling.


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