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Translation status badge


inlang translation status badge

#Generate badges for your i18n status

This badge provides you with the overall translation progress of your project. It is a great way to show off your project's localization progress to your users.

Used by:


  • inlang project in your repository
  • public repository

If you don't have an inlang project yet, read fink's Getting Started.

#Getting started

#Fill in your repository URL

Go to your repository (where you already have set up inlang) and copy the URL. It should look something like this:

Then, you can paste it into the input field of the badge generator above.

#Generate the badge

Click on the "Generate" button or press enter. This will generate a markdown code snippet and the image source that you can copy and paste into your README file.


The badge will now automatically update itself. Your contributors can now see the translation progress of your project.


This is how the badge could look like in your README, it is from the inlang example repository:

inlang status badge