In order to make your repository compatible with inlang apps, you will need to create an inlang project, which is defined by a directory that emulates a file {name}.inlang. Just like a .pptx file, that under the hood is a directory, that contains project files.

inlang project

#*.inlang directory (file)

This project essentially consists of a folder ([project_name].inlang) that includes a settings.json file and a project_id file. The settings.json file defines the settings for a project and is the entrypoint for all inlang apps, plugins, and tools in the inlang ecosystem.

Project directory

#Monorepo support

You can have multiple inlang projects in your repository. This is useful in a monorepo setup. If you need a guide to get started, visit the individual pages of the inlang apps.

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