What is inlang?

Understand general concept of inlang ecosystem and its benefits.

Niklas Buchfink

#What is inlang?

Inlang is globalization infrastructure that powers an ecosystem of apps, plugins, and solutions that make globalization simple.

inlang ecosystem

#Infrastructure approach

For every use case, there is an app, a plugin, a lint rule, or a custom solution that can be built. Inlang's infrastructure powers an ecosystem of tools, applications, best practices, and automations for organizations to go global.

#Version control and automation via CI/CD

Inlang apps are built on lix. Lix is a git-compatible version control backend for applications. Using lix provides inlang with CI/CD for globalization and collaboration between developers, translators, and designers on one common source of truth: your repository and your data.


Inlang's architecture consists of four main components:

  1. Applications - Provide users with an interface for their projects.
  2. SDK - Can be used by developers to build inlang apps.
  3. Project file - Defines the project's settings, which language tags exists and to be imported modules.
  4. Modules - Contain plugins and/or lint rules that define the behavior of a project.

inlang architecture

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