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Sherlock - VS Code extension


#Sherlock – i18n inspector for Visual Studio Code – WIP 🚧

In this video tour, you will learn how to use Sherlock with Visual Studio Code. Sherlock is an i18n inspector that helps you streamline the i18n translation process. It allows you to visualize, edit, and lint translations, as well as extract new translations with a simple click.

#Complete Video Tour (3min) – WIP 🚧

The following video shows a complete tour of Sherlock, including the most useful features and how to use them.

Sherlock Video Tour

#Features Previews Videos

The following videos show the main features of Sherlock, which are snippets of the complete video tour.

#Sherlock Extract (30sec)

[Sherlock Extract](

#Sherlock Lint (1min)

Sherlock Lint

#Sherlock Annotations (30sec)

Inline Annotations

#Sherlock Settings (45sec)

Sherlock Settings

#Error Messages (30sec)

Error Messages