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#🕵️‍♂️ i18n inspector for VS Code

Inspect i18n within VS Code with powerful tools designed to streamline the translation process. Visualize, edit, and lint translated strings effortlessly using Inline Decorations & Hover Support. Extract new strings with a simple click, making localization tasks more intuitive and efficient.

Find the source code on GitHub.

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#Manage Translations directly from your Code

View translations within your code, extract new strings with a simple click, and effortlessly edit translated strings using Inline Decorations & Hover Support. Get notified of missing translations and other issues in real-time directly in your IDE.

#Sherlock Tab - Transparent & Fast

You can have multiple projects in your repository. By using the Sherlock tab, it's easy to switch between projects. Whenever you change the source text, translations from the resource files will be automatically updated. Additionally, the tab menu provides a quick overview of any project errors in the setup.

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  • VS Code version 1.84.0 or higher.
  • Node.js version v18 or higher.