#Lint Rule API Introduction

The Lint Rule API provides a straightforward way to implement linting rules for messages in your project. The API can be categorized into two main blocks: meta and lint logic.

The core of the lint rule is encapsulated in the lint logic, a function named message. This function receives a message along with additional contextual information, such as languageTags, sourceLanguageTag, and a report callback. The message function is where you define and execute your custom linting logic, analyzing message variants and reporting issues as needed.

import type { MessageLintRule } from "@inlang/message-lint-rule";
import { id, displayName, description } from "../marketplace-manifest.json";

export const yourLintRule: MessageLintRule = {
  message: ({ message: { id, variants }, languageTags, sourceLanguageTag, report }) => {
    // Your custom lint rule logic goes here
    // You can analyze message variants and report issues if necessary

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