#Develop an app

There are many ways users interact with inlang. This documentation gives you information on how to develop your own inlang-based app.


#1. Open repository

Open a repository locally or with lix. Using lix enables you to use git-based features directly in the browser.

#2. Open project

After opening the repository, you're able to find the files inside. Usually, the *.inlang directory is located in the root of the repository. Reading the file enables you to load the project configuration into your app.

#3. Use the APIs from the SDK

For working with inlang, you can make use of its SDK which provides you with all the necessary APIs.

#4. Configure your app

In your app's marketplace-manifest.json make sure to define the following information:

idUnique identifier for your app.
iconLink to the icon of your app (optional).
galleryOptional gallery, the first image acts as coverImage for your app.
displayNameA user-friendly display name for your app.
descriptionBriefly describe what your app does.
readmeLink to the README documentation for your app.
keywordsKeywords that describe your app.
publisherNameYour publisher name.
publisherIconLink to your publisher's icon or avatar (optional).
licenseThe license under which your app is distributed.
websiteWhere your app can be found (optional).

#5. Publish your app

To make your app available in the inlang.com marketplace, see Publish on marketplace.

Feel free to join our Discord if you have any questions or need assistance developing and publishing your app.

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