#Publish your first guide

A guide, instead of an app or module inside of the marketplace, is a piece of content specifically designed to help users with a specific task. Guides are written in markdown and can contain custom web components to make them more interactive.

Please store your guide inside of a git repo.



#1. Add the information to your marketplace manifest

Adding the marketplace information is necessary for the marketplace to display your guide correctly.

idUnique identifier for your guide.
iconLink to the icon of your guide (optional).
displayNameA user-friendly display name for your guide.
descriptionBriefly describe what your guide is about.
readmeLink to the guide as markdown file.
keywordsKeywords that describe your guide.
publisherNameYour publisher name.
publisherIconLink to your publisher's icon or avatar (optional).
licenseThe license under which your app is distributed.

#Official JSON schema

You can ensure that your manifest is valid by loading the following schema.

"$schema": "https://inlang.com/schema/marketplace-manifest"

#Naming your guide

idThe unique identifier should always be written in camelCase like this: camelCase.camelCase.camelCase
displayNamePlease follow the Apple Style Guide and write the first letter of a new word in the title always in uppercase, e.g. Language Tag. Rule of thumb: The first letter of the first word always has to be uppercase, except your displayName is a name written in lowercase letters everywhere else like npm for example.
descriptionPlease make sure to describe your guide as simple as possible. It is best practice to write 100 to 200 characters.
readmeThe readme acts as documentation for your guide and is written in markdown. Feel free to use github flavored markdown, additionally you use inlang's custom web components (doc-elements).
keywordsKeywords are always written in lowercase e.g. i18n, adoptable

#Custom web components

<doc-figure>srcSource to the image file.Yes
altAlternative text for screen readers.Yes
captionCaption shown below the image.Yes
<doc-icon>iconIconify icon tag.Yes
sizeThe size of the icon.Yes
<doc-link>titleThe title for the document link.Yes
iconIconify icon tag.Yes
hrefThe link behind the document link.Yes
descriptionThe description shown in the quick link.Yes

This format reduces repetition by listing common attributes for each element under the respective element's section.

Add the raw link of your manifest to this file. You can fork the repository to do so.

#3. Create a pull request and wait for approval

Create a pull request with your changes and wait for approval from our team. Usually, this will take less than 24 hours. After that, your guide will be available on the inlang website.

Feel free to join our Discord if you have any questions or need help with publishing your guide.

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